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PRODUCTION is our strength, find out our customizations, product treatments and tailor-made processes. Contact us to know our services or to sk for a quotation.

Italian Prestige

Europressvit has been producing and distributing STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS and BOLTS worldwide since 1968.

A single reliable and dynamic organization able to offer its own INTERNAL PRODUCTION of fasteners and bolts according drawing and to deliver thousands of standard items and special components that we implemented with turned parts of external procurement, managed through warehouse stock or stocks specifically dedicated to customer requirements.

Thanks also to our historical know how during over 50 years in this field and several partnerships established with important metalworking companies, EUROPRESSVIT proposes itself to the industry as a complete supplier of fixing systems.

A dual productive and commercial vocation that makes Europressvit the only leading company in its sector that guarantees a supply for all types of industrial applications.

Production and STD Stock

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