Not only own production!

Our organization, besides the internal production, is able to offer a wide range of standard items available in stock (Din and Iso) and everything that for us is out of production range.

Over more than 50 years, thanks to the historical know how of the sector, we consolidated many relationships with important partners , that we carefully selected for quality and price competitivity , in order to integrate our assortment range with the most varied solutions that are out of our own manufacture , as for example turned components .

The quality and reliability of the service makes our company a landmark for screw and bolt market and for the whole fasteners sector.

Europressvit proposes itself to the industry as a complete supplier of fixing systems, with obviouse benefits that this involves!

Turned small parts and New materials

Europressvit is constantly evolving: thanks to the acquisition of new machines and the know-how acquired over thirty years of our own production, we are able to create completely new items in a short time based on the design and according to customer specifications.