produzione viti inox

Despite the years spent accumulating know-how and progressing with new technologies and machinery, the production of the vine continues to thrill and fascinate us.

The strength of the elements, the heat of the fire that makes the metal malleable, extreme pressures concentrated in a few millimeters, strength, precision and speed to create an eternal screw like that in stainless steel.

We follow and apply strict controls and intermediate checks at all stages of production: from the choice of material to management, from the equipment of the machines to the finished product, guaranteeing the customer superior technical and quality standards.


  1. Production preparation and management
  2. Selection and loading of the raw material
  3. The machine is equipped according to the screw production specifications
  4. The material is pre-heated to the molding temperature
  5. Screw molding
  6. Constant monitoring of the production process
  7. The operator performs sample dimensional checks
  8. The semi-finished product accumulates, ready for the next steps
  9. Rolling
  10. Some types of screws require additional recovery steps
  11. The raw finished product awaiting the last cleaning and polishing treatments
  12. The finished and polished product is boxed, ready for delivery
Europressvit produzion
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This video shows all the production phases of Europressvit stainless steel screws: from the preparation and choice of the material to the finishing and boxing