Europressvit services

As a result of years of experience and sound knowledge of the field, Europressvit is able to provide a wide range of services, including every type of processing, custom packaging and advanced stock management in its warehouse, Kanban and Consignment Stock.

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Europressvit is able to offer any type of treatment for differents screws.

Thermal: case hardening and tempering.

Superficial: polishing, lubrification, thread locking and torque patches, copper coating, passivation, black oxidation, galvanizing, nickel plating.

Packaging Kit

Europressvit provides, on request, a personalized packaging kit, neutral or with company logo, with mixes products, in plastic bags or boxes, with a bar code or written content based on the client’s specifications
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Kanban EPV

The efficient management of the stock of screws and bolts (standard or special) and all other fasteners, is often a crucial factor in many companies.
Europressvit offers its clients the best solution to simplify such critical situation, the KANBAN EPV system.
What is KANBAN EPV? It is a stock mangement and replenishment system carried out directly by Europressvit personnel, at the client’s premises (warehouse, department, workstation) with agreed-upon interventions and the needed quantity of components for the production will be delivered to the client at the requested time.
This allows the maximum reduction of warehouse stock, highest production flexibility, elimination of dormant stock and a substantial reduction of running costs.
Europressvit can design personalized solutions and fine-tune them to meet the specific needs of the client, providing the necessary equipment (racks and containers).

Consignment Stock EPV

With the CONSIGNMENT STOCK EPV service Europressvit manages the stocks of screws, bolts and all types of fasteners establishing the stock of materials at the client’s warehouse. The goods will be considered purchased only when collected and used. The benefits are manifold, it eliminates, for instance, the risk of production stoppages arising from lack of stock, the client will be invoiced only for the material collected and used, eliminating stock management costs. In order to set up a CONSIGNMENT STOCK EPV, the user must communicate the consumption forecast of the goods (standard and special) to be managed.